Is there such a thing as stain-proof carpets?

In principle, carpets are made out of different materials, like acrylic, wool, nylon polyester (which are often marketed as Chromolon, SmartStrand, Triexta) or polypropylene (widely known as Olefin) and they have different properties depending on the treatment they are being subjected to. All companies treat the rugs with specific blemish-repellent chemicals, solution dyed nylon fibre carpets. This is because they are the most resistant to carpet pet damage accidents. However, no carpet is stain proof. But the stain resistance is much higher with solution dyed Nylon fibre.

Most carpets are treated with some sort of stain resistant application and they mostly perform the same give or take as long as it is treated immediately and properly.

Although it could sound a bit exaggerated, because the blemishes will affect their composure nonetheless. The only difference is that, thanks to the chemical preparation of the product, it is easy to clean them up, no matter the nature of the liquid. It goes the same for wine, food, urine, soda or any other coloured substance that may come in contact with it.