First of all, try avoiding the carpet pet damage by controlling the animals. Especially when in their infancy, they tend to disregard humans’ sense of cleaning and hygiene. This may also happen when they will grow up, but not that often anyway. Another important measure is to immediately clean up the stain as soon as it occurred. And, what is most important, always use water and soap, because, for the large majority of the blemishes, water and soap are exactly what you need.

Using acidic solutions, or chemicals like acetone, could also destroy the carpet’s protective layer, as well as discolor it in some cases, so try avoiding those altogether. And, last but not least, choose your rug provided with care. Not all manufacturers produce the same materials or use the same chemically protective technique to add stain-resistant properties to their rugs. And some may be more efficient than others.

Since some carpet pet damage could be definitive, do a bit of research in advance and take all the necessary precautions along the way. It could save you from a lot of trouble.