Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Sales, Installations, Repairs, Stretching, Measurements, Estimates & Quotes

Q. Do You Give Estimates?

A. Yes. We will give a free phone consultation and discuss all the particulars of the job. If a job requires an exact measure so the material can be ordered than a measured charge is applicable and varies depending on how many areas are being figured and the time spent diagramming the job. This charge is minimal when you consider that we give you an accurate measurement of proper seam location. If only labour is being discussed, normally with asking the right question, we can be fairly accurate on the cost of installation over the phone.

Q. Do You Pick Up Material?

A. Yes. There is a minimal charge to pick up.

Q. Do You Sell Flooring Products-Such As Wall To Wall Carpet, Vinyl Tiles (LVT / VCT) For Both Residential And Commercial Applications?

A. Yes. And are very competitive. We are working closely with a flooring brokerage company wholesaler that orders direct from the carpet manufacturer, passing the savings along, thus eliminating the middleman.

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Install Carpet Toronto (In The Greater Toronto Area)?

A. Labour cost is divided into two parts. Basic Labour and Special Upholstery.
For a basic labour cost, we have a minimum service fee starts from $399 plus tax, this mostly depends on the carpet style, carpet patterns, fibre quality, underpad, commute and floor conditions. Basic labour charge covers only the part where minimal labour hours are expected to be spent to install a flat surface. Such as bedrooms, living rooms, basements and etc… If your existing carpet or other type flooring material needs to be removed, that will be additionally charged along with furniture moving, garbage disposal, floor transitions, floor preparations, stairs and so on. Special Upholstery is sections where it requires more labour hours, skills and efforts to complete the job. Taking templates for custom runners, half-moon landings, one or two sides open step with pickets that needs to wrap around are all considered as special upholstery. A visual inspection is required to determine the cost. But as a ballpark figure for you to budget, the square footage cost for basic carpet installation could range anywhere from 50 cents to 95 cents per square foot in general in the Greater Toronto Area (Ajax, Aurora, Brampton, Brock, Burlington, Caledon, Clarington, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, Halton Hills, King, Markham, Milton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scugog, Toronto, Uxbridge, Vaughan, Whitby, and Whitchurch-Stouffville). For our monthly package deals, please visit our Monthly Specials page or simply click here

Q. Which Areas Do You Cover In Toronto, Ontario?

A. Please contact us by phone as we do service certain areas depending on your project size and deadline. However, our general coverage area map is as follows;
(Ajax, Aurora, Brampton, Caledon, Markham, Mississauga, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Vaughan, Whitby and some parts of Whitchurch-Stouffville)

Q. Do You Give Recommendations On What Type Of Carpet And Pad To Use?

A. Yes. We have a vast knowledge of carpet and will always try to be helpful and honest in the selection of what is best suited for your needs. All pad recommendation is in accordance with manufacturer and Carpet and Rug Institute guidelines.

Q. Will New Carpet Off-Gas For At Least For Years, Is That Right?

A. Absolutely not. This is false information, most “off-gassing” of new carpet is within the first 24 hours or so if the carpet was shrink-wrapped at the factory and was opened in your house for the first time. Most of the products that we sell are rolled goods and they are not shrink-wrapped. Properly ventilate with good air exchange for approximately the first couple to three days. The new carpet smell should dissipate at this time. This off-gassing happens in most brand new household and office items such as; paints, stains, varnishes, insulation, flooring,  kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, plywood, particleboard, paint strippers, copiers, computers, printers (very high on laser printers) and your brand new car…
“Off-gassing” refers to the evaporation of synthetic compounds used in manufacturing a host of products, from cars to computers and toys to tennis balls. “

Q. Do You Have References?
A. Yes. Most of my customers are always happy to provide a referral when it’s needed. Some recent referrals are always available. Please check our reviews at our HomeStars page 
and Commercial References 
at our references page
Q. What Is Your Warranty?

A. We do provide labour warranty that fully covers any problems pertaining to installation for the lifetime. Some conditions may apply.

Q. Do You Offer Some Cheap Carpets or Loose Lay Installations?

A. We believe that each and every project for us is just like a famous’ painters painting. Therefore we pay close attention to our artwork before we place our signature. Certain industry standards and quality craftsmanship are performed on all our projects. We do have cheap inexpensive carpet and flooring options available.

Q. Do You Handle All Your Own Work, Or Do You Have Someone Else You Sub-Contract To?

A. We do not sub-contract any of our jobs. I personally supervise one or other all of our works, ensuring a professional top quality job. All of our technicians are strictly working full time for our company.

Q. What Is The Difference In Your Company From All The Rest?

A. As in all phases of any job, everyone possesses a different level of ability. I have spent my entire working career in this profession. I do only one kind of job and that is one that is the best I can do. All work is installed with premium supplies and all applications are in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. I keep professionalism that includes communication, on-time service, quality work, fair pricing, and a guarantee. I’ve been an established business since May 2001 and word of mouth advertising has been my best tool. I pledge to do my very best if you choose me as your contractor.

Q. Why Is My Carpet Wrinkled And What Can Be Done About It?

A. Carpet wrinkles, buckles, lumps, and bulges are the #1 repair complaint we receive. Wall to wall carpet stretched over pad needs re-stretching at some point during the life of the carpet related to inadequate tackstrips, improper under padding, dragging furniture and improper or extensive carpet steam cleaning can also be the causes of wrinkling. If a carpet has inadequate stretched, the life of the carpet is reduced by as much as 90%. A loose carpet not only wears poorly but is harder to vacuum and clean. With small children and the elderly, it may cause them to actually trip on the wrinkles, possibly causing bodily harm. With the proper method of re-stretching, when walked on, the padding acts as a “shock absorber” springing the fiber backup, thus allowing you to wear on the top of the fiber, as opposed to a loose stretched carpet that bends over and continues to be beaten down in the walk patterns causing damage to the fiber and to the backing. Your wall to wall carpet will wear prematurely. Stretching is invisible but the most important aspect of the installation process. It will take 3-5 years to notice if your carpet was not properly stretched. Some broadlooms require power stretching depending on the backing and the room size.  We do offer both methods to ensure that you won’t need a re-stretching service in the feature. Please check our gallery to see some before and after images.

Q. Can My Wall To Wall Carpet Or Broadloom Be Re-Stretched Without Removing All Of My Furniture?

A. Yes and No. If small objects and breakable items are removed from the area, then furniture moving pads will be used to move heavier items. Anytime lightweight furniture is out of the room, it is easier to get tools and larger items moved around. Move as much as possible without straining yourself. A proper re-stretching means to lift up your carpet and then to re-lay it back.

Q. I Have An Area That Needs To Be Patched. Can This Be Repaired?

A. Yes. Depending on where the patch is, carpet age, the carpet type, sun location in the area – these are factors as to how much a patch will show. Most seams even in new carpet show slightly, but most of the time the patch is better than the damage.

Q. I Don’T Have Any Carpet To Patch With. How Do I Get A Piece That Will Work?

A. The best place to get a matching piece is from a closet. Sometimes fade will be a slight factor due to age, but this is going to be the same dye lot. Then we can provide a different piece to put back in the closet. If there is no closet, a piece can be taken from under a piece of furniture that is not moved, and a different piece put in its place.

Q. How Do I Get An Estimate?

A. Since most repairs are smaller, it’s difficult to physically see each job, give a bid, and then set up another time to come back and do the work. I try and give a close estimate by phone and propose this on what information is given to me. If an agreement is made, then an appointment is made to perform the work and at that time if additional work is needed to complete the job, a more accurate cost will be discussed. I am always honest and fair with what needs to be done to properly fix the problem. Sending digital images are always helpful. You can attach digital images thru our Contact Us form.

Q. Should I Do Repairs Before Or After Cleaning?

A. Always make repairs prior to any cleaning. Do not allow inexperienced people to attempt repairs. Most carpet cleaners do not possess the experience or have proper tools to professionally repair your carpet. Like anything, always look to the “specialist” for the best job. Check our Solution Partners page for recommendations.

Q. Should The Original Installation Last The Life Of The Carpet?

A. Most definitely yes, otherwise no one would consider purchasing carpet if it really had to require regular adjustment and stretching every so often. Proper installation along with the right carpet and underpad selections you should NEVER require carpet stretching. Therefore we do provide a Life Time Labour Warranty on all of our new carpet installations. However, with your existing wall to wall carpet, there are so many variables that cause the carpet to need a “tune-up” from time to time. Carpet is amazing to take the abuse it receives, but occasionally something happens and the best course of action is to take care of it as soon as possible so that the problem doesn’t worsen. Repairing is cheaper than replacement.

Q. Can A Flooded Carpet Area Be Saved?

A. Most often times yes. The best approach is to extract as much water as possible first, either with a wet-dry vacuum or by a professional carpet cleaner. Then have a carpet layer pull back the carpet and remove the pad that was wet. Place plastic items under the carpet to raise it off the floor and place fans in the room from cross ventilation. After the carpet is dry, have the carpet installer put down the new pad and re-stretch the carpet. Then have the wet area professionally cleaned. Never attempt to cut carpet yourself. Please check the end of this page for more information.

Q. Can You Get Squeaks Out Of Floors?

A. Yes. Most generally, on a subfloor of plywood, 8 out of 10 times a squeaky, creaky floor can be eliminated or reduced. It is necessary to pull back the carpet and pad to get to the subfloor so proper wood screws can be driven into the floor joists. In some cases, the “squeak” might be something different causing the problem. It is not uncommon to have these “squeaks” as home ages, due to the wood curing or home settling. We have even clients with multimillion-dollar custom build mansions having this problem. Due to the nature of this process, a job site inspection is mostly required.

Q. What Can I Do In Case Of A Plumbing Leak Or A Flood?


  1. Be cautious to avoid hazards like an electrical shock, falling on wet surfaces, and bacterial contamination.
  2. Shut off the source if possible.
  3. Take pictures for insurance purposes before clean up.
  4. Use a submersible pump, buckets, wet-vac, squeegee, old towels, etc. to get up as much water as possible.
  5. Remove anything (files, documents, pictures) that might be damaged by humidity.
  6. Remove furniture which may have metallic buttons on legs or contain furniture stain that may bleed into the carpet.
  7. If you cannot remove some furniture, place aluminum foil or plastic beneath the parts contacting the carpet.
  8. Place fans and dehumidifiers in the immediate area.
  9. Arrange for emergency water extraction and fabric sanitation.
  10. Call Fred Alleyne from Speedy Dry T: 416-283-3512