Back to Basics: How to Keep Carpet Clean in Your Home

2018 is here, here are some carpet cleaning tips for your home’s carpet in the New Year. Keeping carpet clean is an easy way to add to the overall appearance of your home and these tips will help you keep carpet fresh, clean and lasting. The following tips cover the different aspects of how to… Continue Reading

You Can Have Allergies and Keep Your Carpets

Carpet isn’t just comfortable and stylish, it’s a safe flooring option too, reducing slips and softening falls if they do occur – ideal for both the elderly and very young. Carpet also improves a home’s acoustics because it absorbs noise rather than reflecting it back into the room. Those who want to save money welcome… Continue Reading

How to Remove Gum from Wall to Wall Carpet

Prevent a tacky situation: Follow these easy tips to get rid of gum from your residential or commercial carpet/carpet tiles. Gum is hard enough to get off of a concrete surface or the bottom of your shoe, but removing gum from a fine woolen rug or carpet fibers can be much more discouraging. While it… Continue Reading

Introducing our new line! Magic Fresh by Beaulieu Flooring

Introducing our new line! Magic Fresh by Beaulieu Flooring Call us to browse thru this new line. A must for pet owners! Our Sales, Installations, and Repairs are done in-house; we do NOT hire any sub-contractors. There is also NO SALESMAN COMMISSION paid here! FINANCING AVAILABLE! Starting as low as $1000 and up to 60… Continue Reading

Competence comes with certification

Competence comes with certification September 5, 2017 by admin Leave a Comment Over the past year, the number-one problem I hear about time and again in our industry is about the shortage of competent flooring installers. Lee Senter, CFCRA president It does not matter if we are talking about carpet, hardwood, laminate or vinyl planks. The second most… Continue Reading

Art of the Upsell

Art of the Upsell Chevy to Caddy: How to educate and listen to your customer EVERY BUSINESS WORTH ITS SALT knows that the customer is always right. First, you listen to what she has to say but then you must also educate her, and open up the possibilities of raising her budget — shifting what… Continue Reading

Carpet Installation / Pre-Installation Checklist

Getting Ready Installing carpet is a construction project. Be prepared for loud noise and strong odours during construction. Make sure pets and small children are attended to and kept in a safe and secure area. Appropriate arrangements should be made for any persons with respiratory considerations or sensitivity to dust or to urethane solvents. BEFORE… Continue Reading

Check our latest reviews here

  Check our latest reviews from homeowners just like yourself to ensure you’re hiring the right carpet flooring company. Whether you’re looking for discounted wall to wall carpets or installing carpet into your basement or bedrooms or simply want to get rid of those bulged, buckled and wrinkled carpet. Give us a call for a… Continue Reading