Berber Carpet

What Should I Know About Berber Carpet ?

Berber Carpet: The Ins and Outs

Berber Carpet, also known as loop pile carpeting. Just as it sounds, this carpet is made of uncut loops, most often of a single colour with the presence of lighter against darker shades. The way this carpet is made actually strengthens and provides natural retention memory to its shape and you’ll notice that the feel of this type of carpet is slightly course; both of these features makes it extremely resilient, able to can tolerate high levels of traffic. For a softer variety of Berber Carpets, you can opt for carpets with a looser loop or nylon fibres. Excellent choice for high traffic areas such as stairs, hallways and Basement Carpeting.

Berber Carpet Long-Lasting And Durable Carpeting Solution

Homeowners and commercial businesses are generally selecting this hardy carpet in homes and offices for the longevity and the hard-wearing features. As mentioned earlier, a Berber carpet will offer you long-lasting and durable carpeting solution for your busiest rooms and it is very forgiving. The rooms where you entertain, host parties or where the kids play can all be possible locations for the installation of a Berber carpet. There are some instances in which Berber may not be the best choice – i.e. with cats and dogs which have a tendency to scratch and/or dig. The nature of the uncut looping of Berber carpet may catch with this behaviour from your pets. If this is your case, don’t worry! There are many options and we’ll help you find the perfect fit.

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