DRIcore® Sub-Floor

DRIcore® Sub-Floor

DRIcore® is fast and easy to install and is ideal for carpet, laminate, engineered hardwood, tile and vinyl.

Whether you are curious about how DRIcore can keep your family warm, or looking for ideas and answers during installation, DRIcore has answers to all of your questions.

Why do I need a Subfloor?

Most of basements will have a moisture problem at some point in time. All basement floors, even in new homes, have a tendency to be very damp. To compensate for the dampness, many people will cover the concrete surface with flooring in hopes the problem will go away. The problem with this method is that concrete is a porous substance and needs to breathe. As temperatures in the basement fluctuate, it creates the perfect environment for moisture to accumulate between the flooring product and concrete. This is where mold begins to germinate which can lead to poor indoor air quality. A subfloor is highly recommended if you’re planing to have laminate or engendered hardwood flooring in your basement.

Why is DRIcore the best Subfloor system?

DRIcore Subfloor is a simple solution to help you create a warm, dry, comfortable basement. DRIcore subfloor panels are manufactured with a high density polyethylene moisture barrier that raises the 5/8″ core a 1/4” away from damp, cold concrete floors. Since the panels are raised off the surface, the concrete floor is allowed to breathe.

The DRIcore moisture management system allows any seepage or moisture to channel freely under the DRICore subfloor panels to keep floors both warm and dry.


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How do DRIcore Subfloor panels prevent moisture problems?

DRIcore has an integrate high density polyethylene membrane bonded to the underside of the panel which provides an excellent moisture barrier. DRIcore has also been designed with Air Gap technology that encourages constant air flow and evaporation of surface moisture emitted from your basement concrete floor.

Call us for your DRIcore® flooding sub-floor needs with expert solutions tailored to your specific needs.

* Min order 4800 sq ft. OR 1200 Panel
(Each pallet is 120 Pcs = 480 sq ft)
For quotes, please provide postal code, sq ft of material needed, deadline for project and please indicate if you’re looking for labour or delivery as well. P/U Location Caledon, ON L7E 1C8

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