Squeaky Floor Repair

We Fix Squeaky, Noisy Floors!

Annoying floor squeaks are common in many homes. Typically occurs after the house has settled and flooring lumber has dried out and shrunk. Squeaky floors can be a source of ongoing irritation.

There can be several things that cause floor squeaks including; loose sheeting, a movement where the floor joists are fastened to the main beams, or simply a nail that has come loose somewhere in the construction of the subfloor. Because of the variables, these types of repairs require an on-site estimate and inspection. Servicing only if you have wall-to-wall carpet over wooden (OSB/Oriented Strand Board) subfloor or if the floor below the ceiling is unfinished. Otherwise please contact our solution partner Squeak Knights

Please feel free to contact us 7 days a week for a no obligation consultation or estimate!

I can promise you that your interaction with me will not be that of a bottom-line, sales-focused person, but rather a solution-oriented floor technician.

Our Sales, Installations and Repairs are done in-house; we do NOT hire any sub-contractors. There is also NO SALESMAN COMMISSION paid here! FINANCING AVAILABLE! Starting as low as $1000 and up to 60 months for payment.