Pickering Carpet Repair – Stretching

Pickering Carpet Repair

Providing with all sort of residential and commercial  wall to wall carpet and carpet tile repair and re-stretching services to extend the life of your carpet. We can repair frayed / pulled berber carpets. Replace the step damaged by your pet. Or patch that Iron burn or stained carpet. We can also help re-laying the carpet that was pulled due to some pluming work in your basement. Give us a call before you consider replacing your carpet. 

Pickering Carpet Re-Stretching

Carpet wrinkling / buckling usually occurs due to poor installation techniques. Once your carpet start bulging, the wrinkled sections will get more of the traffic and that will age the carpet quicker and may cause delamination between the secondary and primary backing. We highly recommend to remove the wrinkles in your carpet as soon as you notice them.  

Our Carpet Stretching & Repair Services are also available for Scarborough and Ajax.

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