Carpet is Affordable

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting: practical and inexpensive.

Best Floor Covering Option for Basements!

Carpet is affordable, inexpensive and easy to maintain! Adds comfort and warmth not only for your feet, but to enhance the ambience in your basement, stairs, living and dining room. Carpet is the only flooring solution that can take a lot of abuse that no other flooring products can endure, and can be easily maintained and repaired if needed. While some people are concerned that carpet may be bad for allergies, it actually works as an air filter! There are several studies that have shown that carpet does not cause additional risks of irritation and allergies. In fact, as long as you vacuum regularly, the carpet will catchany irritants which might be in the air.

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Unlike common expensive engineered hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring, the carpet will neither get scratched nor will have dent marks. Take care of your carpet and it will prove to be durable and last a long time, enhancing your living space.

Keep in mind that not all carpets are created equal. There are different materials, designed for different environments and, in this case, flooring materials like hardwood or wool carpet products should be absolutely avoided in a basement environment. This is due to the unique conditions often found in a basement: moisture, mildew and mold; these can cause pH and alkaline levels to change and, as a result, can wreak havoc on hardwood or wool carpet products.

Victorious Flooring wants you to stay informed so that you can make the best choice for you and your home. Learn about the advantages of carpeting your basement – or any part of your home – so that you can feel confident about your decisions as you save money!

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100% BCF 36 Oz. High Density 10 Gauge Saxony / Plush Carpet + Upgraded High Density 3M+S Protected Underpad

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