Carpet Stretching

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What Causes Carpet Buckling / Wrinkling?

In general, the cause is inadequate techniques with the installation and the initial stretching process.

Your carpet should never buckle or wrinkle at all. Unless you have an entry-level carpet or underpad that is not appropriate for the carpet type or foot traffic that’s being exposed to.

Water damage, shifting/sliding heavy furniture and a hefty amount of carpet shampooing and/or steam cleaning is also some of the causes.

Can this be corrected?

In most cases yes. Sometimes the carpet gets “delamination” which is a structural problem with the carpet itself and cannot correct by stretching alone. Or bend marks and fibre crushes do occur if the carpet is left too long with wrinkling and buckling.

The severeness of delamination can only be noticed upon lifting up your carpet for re-stretching. These mark usually becomes less visible after certain foot traffic is applied. Vacuuming and carpet steam cleaning/carpet shampooing will also help to reduce or remove the marks.

Please ensure that your carpet shampooing or steam cleaning technician/firm is certified by IICRC.

What is carpet delamination?

Carpet delamination happens when the secondary backing of the carpet splits from the primary backing.

The common causes are; pet accidents, improper use of solvent spotting agents, heavy foot traffic, wheelchairs, and entry-level (a.k.a., builders grade) carpets.

Carpet Shampooing Before or After?

Carpet shampooing or carpet steam cleaning should be done after the carpet re-stretching is done.

Please contact; / (416)-762-5326

You can book the carpet steam cleaning or shampooing service right after the stretching is done.

What’s the process to have my carpet stretched?

– Have the room completely empty. No furniture, no obstructions. In most cases, the carpet cannot be stretched properly unless the room is completely empty. We do offer furniture moving services for an extra cost.
– Have your room temperature set to 22~24 °C min. 4 hours prior to & after the re-stretching.
– Vacuum your carpet.
– Have kids and pets in a safe area.
– There is no localized method of stretching your carpet! Even if you have a small wrinkle near the wall, the entire carpet needs to be stretched to spread the tension equally.
This is a sign that the carpet has started to give up from that particular section and the rest is on its way. The tension has to be equally distributed around the entire room.

What’s the cost to re-stretch my carpet?

1. For a firm quote;

A pre-site visit/inspection is required. (Subjected to a service charge fee of $40 ~ $60 +HST)
This fee is fully refundable against the service. If you don’t have a free designated parking spot available, a flat parking fee may apply. If you wish to book a site visit, please visit the contact us form to provide us with the required information and kindly indicate a few alternative dates and time frames with a minimum 2-hour window for our arrival.

2. For budgeting purposes;

Please provide us with;

a) Picture(s) that shows the entire area that needs stretching. These pictures should show the entire layout, not only the buckled/wrinkled sections so we can determine the direction to stretch your carpet. Please take the pictures from 2 opposite directions so it will resemble a 360 degrees view of the area to be stretched. If the buckled/wrinkled sections are not visible through the pictures, please place some objects near the wrinkles/buckles. These pictures should serve pretty much the same view as we would do a site inspection.

b) Please provide the length and the width of the entire room, hallway, or area. If there is an attached closet, we may need to make adjustments to the closet as well.

c) In order to properly stretch the carpet, the rooms(s) must empty. No furniture, no obstructions. We do offer furniture moving services for an added cost. 

The above-required information can be provided through our contact us form.

Request a Quick Estimate for Carpet Re-Stretching

Pictures should show the entire general layout of the room/area to be stretched. Please take pictures from two opposite directions.

A proper carpet re-stretching requires the entire area and/or room to be stretched. Please provide measurements of the entire area and/or room.

Upload all these requested information through our Contact Us form. Please wait untill pictures are uploaded before clicking the submit button.