As you may have noticed, we do offer from 5 years up to life time labour warranty depending on our projects. All of my clients, who had some sort of flooring installation done such as carpet installation, laminate or engineered floor installation and etc. are quite surprised with the warranty coverage that we offer. The reason for that is, no matter how inexperienced the installer or floor technician is, you won’t be able to notice any installation related problems earlier than 3-5 years. Anything that is being done wrong needs a certain time, climate change and foot traffic for the client to notice the fault. For example; you have purchased a carpet or a broadloom and the installer started to use the improper method to stretch your carpet. You won’t notice the buckle, bump and wrinkle in your carpet or broadloom earlier than 3-5 years. Imagine, if this was a common problem, it would be the end of the “wall to wall carpeting” business. I would highly suggest to request a written contract that you are covered at least for the next 5 years against installation faults. After the installation on your carpet is done, with all the furniture it will be a huge hassle to have it fixed. We do have clients where they pay almost more than the carpet repair cost for us to move their furniture. And keep in mind… Stretching your carpet means, to lift and re-lay the carpet. Without moving the furniture out from the room or having the furniture moved from one side to another side in the room, a proper re-stretching cannot be done. There are some other things that needs to be done as well besides just to stretching the carpet to prevent further wrinkles and buckles. Even if you are not in our service area, we do still provide free consultations over the phone and by using our Contact Us form. Feel free to direct your questions to us.