Shaw’s Carpet Stain Center provides removal instructions for hundreds of common carpet stains

Red wine. Tomato sauce. Coffee. Each of these items strikes fear in the hearts of homeowners with carpeted floors. As the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw Floors knows accidents can happen. Shaw also realizes quick, effective cleanup can make a difference in helping to keep carpets looking their best, and this prompted the company to create a new iPhone® application that provides fast, clear access to detailed stain removal tips for hundreds of the most common carpet stains.

“Carpet stains can be one of the most frustrating cleaning projects for many homeowners,” said Kathy Young, Shaw’s creative director. “While consumers love the comfort and beauty that carpet brings to their homes, they dread the potential spills that can accompany an active lifestyle. By putting carpet cleaning information at their fingertips, our Carpet Stain Center app helps ease consumers’ minds about tackling spots should they occur.”

Addressing almost 1,000 stains, Shaw’s Carpet Stain Center application provides recommended cleaning techniques for everything from acne medication to yogurt. In addition to advising consumers regarding which cleaning solution may yield the best results for a particular stain, the app also suggests removal techniques tested at Shaw’s research facilities, including blotting, rinsing and scraping.

Shaw’s Carpet Stain Center application helps a variety of consumers navigate the carpet cleanup process:

* Busy moms can find cleaning suggestions for popsicles, glue and juice spills.

* For those who entertain often, the application offers tips for removing wine, potpourri and teriyaki sauce.

* Fashionistas will know how to address nail polish, lip balm and suntan lotion mishaps.

* Home improvement enthusiasts can learn how to target paint, wallpaper paste and furniture polish spots.

* Pet lovers can have the best of both worlds – clean carpet and the company of their furry companion.

Compatible with both the iPhone and iPad®, the free application can be found by searching for “Shaw Floors Carpet Stain Center” in the Apple® online App Store. The Carpet Stain Center app is especially effective when used on Shaw® carpets featuring the company’s patented stain and soil repellency treatment, R2X®. In addition to being applied to carpet before it is sold, R2X is also a spot cleaner that consumers may purchase at

“With product features such as R2X, Shaw has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to providing quality products with the highest stain and soil resistance available today. However, we know that stains and spills happen in everyday life, which is why Shaw is proud to offer the Carpet Stain Center app as a useful tool for consumers,” said Dani Brock, Shaw’s Anso® nylon marketing manager. “While no carpet is stain-proof, applying appropriate cleaning techniques as soon as possible can help minimize its long-lasting effects.”