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2 Tone Berber Carpet with Scotchgard™ (3M) Stain Protection.

100% Continues Olefin Filament Installed for only $1.99* per Sq Ft Includes Basic Labour and Residential Grade Underpad!
(Upgraded Underpad starting at 39¢ per Sq Ft)

Unbeatable quality with an unbeatable lifetime labour warranty. We also offer a one time free accidental service call if you purchase your carpet before 2014. This promotion won’t last long.

Why Berber Carpet?

  1. Tow-Tone Design with Patterns
    Adds style and character to your berber carpet. Remember, no carpet is stain proof, in case of a permanent stain, 2 tone berber makes it easier to hide.
  2. Berber construction
    Resistant to foot traffic. The loop makes it resist crushing and it doesn’t show vacuum marks or foot steps like a cut pile carpet.  Hides permanent stains very well, which helps it to look newer longer.
  3. BCF (Bulked Continuous Filament)
    BCF doesn’t have the tendency for shedding like staple fibers because the pieces of yarn that make up the pile are made from continuous-length fibers, not smaller pieces like staple fibers.
  4. Scotchgard™ (3M) Stain Protection
    Revolutionary stain repellency. Stains clean up easier. FREE 10-year limited warranty against most household stains.
  5. 100% Olefin (Polypropylene Fibre)
    Able to give good bulk and cover. Abrasion resistant. Colourfast. Quick drying. Low static. Resistant to deterioration from chemicals, mildew, perspiration, rot and weather. Thermally bondable. Stain and soil resistant. Strong Sunlight resistant.
  6. Inexpensive
    Compering to the quality, look and features it is the best budged friendly carpet.


Servicing Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham and Richmond Hill


Important Note!
We do not recommend Berber carpet if you have cats and dogs in your home. Paws or claws can caught in to the fibres and could cause serious injuries to your pets.

* Some conditions may apply. Please call for details. Taxes not included. Above prices are for a basic installation. Minimum purchase requirement is 50 sq yrd’s (450 sq ft). We offer a FREE job site inspection and estimate service if floor plan is provided, a FULL refundable $40 measurement charge may applies (Refundable Against Purchase). Our promotional price does not include removal of existing flooring material, garbage disposal, furniture moving, floor preparation, stairs, special upholstery and carpet baseboard. Additional labour chargers may apply for evening, night and weekend installations.