Flooded Basement Cleanup, Water Damage, Water Removal, Wet Carpet Drying

Wet Carpet especially in a basement can be extremely heavy because of all of the moisture that it has soaked up due to flooding or leaking. To successfully restore a floor from water damage you need to do more than just dry the carpeting, you need to get to the next layer and make sure that the foundation and the floor is completely dry. If you do not completely dry your floor than mold can grow and lead to structural damage, which can be even more expensive than paying a professional to dry your floor. Here are the steps for easily removing a wet carpet:

  1.  Make sure your knife is new or extremely sharp or the cutting process will take a lot longer.
  2.  Cut slits that are about 2 feet apart at one end of the carpet, these will be the increments that you will cut the carpet in.
  3.  Put your knife right against the carpet at the first slit and apply a little bit of pressure on your knife (but not enough to cut through the carpet).
  4.  Pull the carpet towards you while keeping pressure on your knife so that you cut the strip of the carpet without scraping the knife against the floor under the carpet.
  5.  Once the entire strip is cut, the strip in half (the long way) then pull it back a little bit so that the ends are about a foot apart (because when you roll the strip up the ends will move and line up).
  6.  Roll the strip up and place in a trash bag (or let dry & then place in a trash bag).
  7. Repeat until the wet carpet removal is complete.

These bundles that you have rolled your water damaged, wet carpet into are the perfect size for movement and packaging. They are not too big so that you can fit multiple bundles into a trash bag. They are also not too small so that you hurt yourself by putting too much weight in a bag.