How to Extend the Life of Carpet in Your Facility

If you are a facility manager, keeping the carpet in your facility clean isn’t just about appearance. Regular cleaning extends the life of carpet, creates a healthy workplace for employees and reduces its environmental footprint. recently released an article with four tips for carpet maintenance.

Here are their tips, with some added advice from CRI:

  •  Use entryway matting

When it comes to entryway matting, the bigger the better. There must be room for at least two steps with each foot, preferably three, to sufficiently wipe soil from feet before encountering the installed carpet.

Walk-off mats are a great tool for keeping dirt from ever reaching your carpet. One important thing to keep in mind, however, is that walk-off mats need to be cleaned from time to time. This will keep them effective at trapping dirt.

Read more on the benefits of entryway matting.

  •  Clean spots immediately

To get the most out of your carpet, make sure to remove spots and spills immediately, reducing the likelihood of a permanent stain.

Cleaning spots as soon as they occur is a good strategy, but using a CRI Seal of Approval (LINK) certified carpet cleaning solution will remove stains effectively while not negatively affecting carpet.

Check out CRI’s Spot Solver for tips on removing specific stains.

  •  Vacuum daily

Proper and consistent vacuuming is the single most effective means of keeping carpet clean. By following a routine vacuuming schedule, 90 to 95 percent of all dry soil can be removed effectively.

Vacuuming is the easiest method of carpet cleaning. Regular vacuuming removes soil and dirt that can damage the carpet fiber and therefore reduce the useful life of carpet.

  •  Conduct periodic deep cleans

In addition to frequent vacuuming, your facility should also conduct periodic deep cleans on a semi-annual basis to help restore your carpet to its original condition and maintain peak performance. Pay greater attention to entryway areas, deep cleaning these areas on a quarterly basis at a minimum.

Deep cleaning removes soil that vacuuming misses, which makes it imperative to regularly deep clean your facility’s carpet.

Bonus Tip: Interim Maintenance

Interim maintenance is the cleaning that should be done between your regular deep cleaning. Interim maintenance systems remove soil, improve the appearance of carpet and prolong a carpet’s useful life.

Follow these tips to keep your facility’s carpet clean, lasting and sustainable.

– Paul