Vinegar & Carb soda

Make up a small solution of carb soda and vinegar and leave on burned area for a few minutes, this should lighten the burn if not cut off the very top with a pair of scissors.

Cut out method

You will need a sharp Olfa knife with a new sharp blade, double-sided tape (available at Home Depot or Rona), and a hot glue gun. If the carpet is well worn, you need to find a similar remnant, from inside a closet or a mat from the same carpet. If none available, you are in trouble.

Use the Olfa knife and cut out the burnt section, the patch quality will depend on the clean cut. You’ll need to separate the fibres with a thin roller-ball pen (ideally with no ink in it) we do use a special toll called “Row Finder” but old school carpet installers are still using a simple roller-ball pen to do this. If you are able to separate the fibres and draw a clean line, the patch will be close to being invisible. Now using clean straight lines, either a square or round cut, depending on damaged area. Make sure you do not cut into the underlay. Now cut a piece the same size using the cut piece for a pattern. It is important to match the pattern or grain of the cut-out carpet to the piece you are replacing. Test it in the hole to make sure it fits, with no gaps. You’ll have to put a small newspaper between the carpet and underpad to ensure your carpet wont bond to the glue. Otherwise you will prevent the carpet from movement and your patch will come apart after some months or years. Lay the double-sided tape under the carpet and fit your new piece into that space. Stand on it for a minute or two to make sure it sticks, or stand a heavy item over it. Do not vacuum for two or three hours so you know the glue is dry.

Cover up

If this burn is small from a cigarette, you may find this idea easier. Use a sharp pair of scissors and cut the edges off around the burnt section to remove the blackened area. Sponge this area with a solution of detergent and water, and leave to dry. If that did not work and still shows, you may be able to use a wire brush and fluff the carpet over the hole. A sand paper can be used as well. If on a white carpet you could try a little drop of diluted bleach.

If it has burned right through the carpet, cut off some fibres from inside a closet or the edge of unseen carpet. Place glue in the hole and press the fibres into position and leave to dry.

Please remember to keep always some pieces from the original installation!

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