Cost of Wall-to-wall carpeting

Wall to wall carpeting adds great comfort to your touch, provides heat insulation and noise absorption by converting the space into a safe play surface.

Perhaps you have a large group of friends coming over to watch movies or sports. Instead of worrying about having enough seats, your guests can enjoy the comfort of sitting on your comfy carpet.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is the most affordable way to convert your space into a warm and cozy section. All other flooring options do require a sort of floor prep and leveled surface. Not mentioning the limitation that you will have with certain types of floorings like hardwood flooring in the basement or vinyl planks (LVT) over a not leveled subfloor are some of the obstacles that need to be dealt with.  Wall-to-wall carpet is much more forgiving in terms of floor prep and can be applied pretty much everywhere with little to no prep required. The combination of carpet and underpad (carpet cushion) provides a superior shield by hiding the imperfections with your floors and preventing them from telegraphing through the carpet and underpad.

The cost for a carpet replacement depends on these 5 items;

1. Material Cost

2. Basic Labour Cost

3. Special Labour / Upholstery Cost

4. Floor Prep

5. Furniture moving

Material Cost

Includes; Carpet, underpad, floor transitions, binding and such.

Basic Labour

Applies on a flat surface where the carpet needs to be unrolled, stretched, and tucked in place. No extra labour, upholstery is included. It is just the basic re-lay, re-stretch and tuck. Most sq ft cost for carpeting includes the carpet, underpad, and the basic labour cost. To see some of the monthly special and their cost per sq ft, please visit our monthly special links for more details. Here you will find the per sq ft cost with including the carpet, underpad and the basic labour to install the carpet. Please note that the carpet comes 12 ft wide and the calculations are based always on the width. That is, if you have a room that is 10 ft x 10 ft, the calculation is base don a 10 ft x 12 ft carpet.

Special Labour

Includes any section that requires special labour to upholster. This is being calculated on top of the basic labour charge.

Floor Prep

For wall-to-wall carpeting in general this is not required but in some cases like a direct glue-down install method or if there is an additional layer of flooring that needs to be removed you may be subject to an extra prep charge. If you are replacing the carpet on your stairs, this will be required to remove the staples, nails, and carpet/underpad residues.

Furniture moving

Furniture moving charges can be significantly reduced by moving all the smaller items and by dismentling your furnitures into more easily managable sizes.