Choosing The Right Carpet

Choosing Carpet often is an overlooked process. Not all carpets are made the same and nor they made to serve the same purpose. Have you shopped for new carpet lately? There are so many choices – finding the right one may seem tough. But one thing is certain: the right carpet choice can add a lot of personality to your home.


I found an article on choosing the right carpet to be very helpful, so I thought I’d share it.

The article was written by Doug Berjer, product manager for carpet cleaning machinery manufacturer Tornado Industries. For an equipment guy, Doug really knows his carpet!

Here are some of Doug’s tips for choosing the best carpet for your home:

Carpet Colours and Patterns

…selecting the right colors and patterns is a very serious consideration; in a heavily trafficked area or where there is plenty of light, a multicolored carpet will help hide inevitable stains and soils.

The wealth of new carpet patterns and styles can be overwhelming, but don’t be daunted – choice is good, says Doug. Next, he says, choose the best installer.

Carpet Installers

Are they experienced? Do they follow the CRI Installation Standard? Improper carpet installation is the number one problem with new carpets. Check here for our carpet installation services.

Carpet Backings

Some carpet manufacturers offer an extended, even lifetime performance warranty with their carpet backings; having this warranty can prove worthwhile, especially if the carpet is installed in a busy walkway.

Carpet Padding / Underpad

Some carpets are now installed with no pad. Traditional roll carpeting should always be installed over a pad, approximately 1/4- to 1/2 – inch thick and designed to help support the carpet; padding should be thicker in areas that receive considerable foot traffic.

When selecting a pad for your carpet, check the carpet manufacturer’s requirements for thickness and density. The right pad forms a good foundation and provides increased insulation, making a room quieter and warmer.

Fewer VOCs

Low-gassing carpets release fewer volatile organic compounds into the air, an attractive feature that is beneficial to the environment and facility users.

And, since most of the carpet manufactured in North America today has been certified to CRI’s Green Label Plus Indoor Air Quality standard, you can be certain of buying a truly low-VOC product – one that exceeds all regulatory requirements for lowering VOC emissions.

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