1. Be cautious to avoid hazards like electrical shock, falling on wet surfaces, and bacterial contamination.
  2. Shut off the source if possible.
  3. Take pictures for insurance purposes before clean up.
  4. Use a submersible pump, buckets, wet-vac, squeegee, old towels, etc. to get up as much water as possible.
  5. Remove anything (files, documents, pictures) that might be damaged by humidity.
  6. Remove furniture which may have metallic buttons on legs or contain furniture stain that may bleed into the carpet.
  7. If you cannot remove some furniture, place aluminum foil or plastic beneath the parts contacting the carpet.
  8. Place fans and dehumidifiers in the immediate area.
  9. Arrange for emergency water extraction and fabric sanitation.
  10. Call Fred Alleyne at (416) 283-3512 for water damage restoration services.