Wrinkled, bulged, buckled carpet and broadloom problems are the number one complaint we receive.

99% of the cases that we have seen were directly related to the initial installation. We do receive quite a bit of phone calls and e-mails not only from the Greater Toronto Area but also from other provinces and even from the States.

Here I like to share a recent carpet re-stretching project with step by step images.

This living room measured 33 ft x 22 ft. We moved almost all of the furniture to give us enough space to work and to ensure that there is no pressure points for a proper stretching.

Only one line of tackstrip was used and this is definitely not enough to give that needed grip for the stretching. There should be at least 2 lines of tackstrips but I always like to add an additional line just to ensure my clients won’t have this deal with a similar problem again.

The existing tackstrips (also called tackless or smoothedge) nails are not suitable to this type of a floor and most of them got loose. This condominium had a parquet floor which is a denser floor comparing to regular subfloors. To ensure that the nails are holding down properly, a ¾” wood ring nail with box or siding head must be used.

Here are the nail types;

We added 3 lines of tackstrips to both sides of the length with the proper wood nails and one additional Tackstrips to the width.

We also have lifted up the carpet where the seam is. Suspecting that the seaming tapes glue bonded the carpet to the underpad.

There was already a overlapping caused from the original installation. Underpads are easy to stretch. I personally suggest the underpad to be cut a little short depending on the room’s size and then have it stretched before stapling it down.

We stretched the carpet on both sides in the length for three reasons;
#1 to balance the pressure

#2 to minimize gaps and patches around the thresholds, corners and other places (due to the carpet shifting)
#3 Minimize the force so the seam won’t come apart.  We were able to stretch the carpet almost 4″ in total.

And here is the result… Nice, need and perfectly stretched. The bend marks will disappear or will be less visible by the time with the foot traffic, discoloration and vacuuming. Carpet shampooing or steams cleaning is advised to restore the volume back on the crushed fibres and to neutralize the extra trapped foot traffic on the wrinkles.

Conclusion… This entire process took us with the proper knowledge, experience and tolls close to 3 hours. With the initial installation this 3 hour effort would be only 20-30 minute extra at the beginning. Please ensure that you have at least 5 year labour warranty on your floor installation. To detect labour related issues takes 3 to 5 years for you to notice.

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