I find more about carpet recycling in the news every day. In addition to articles and blog posts, I’ve discovered several videos on YouTube that tell the carpet recycling story from various points of view. Here are a few good examples, although there are many more.

First, I found a 6:17 interview with Kim Matsoukas, director of sustainability for CRI-member manufacturer Bentley Prince Street on California’s AB 2398 carpet recycling law.

[Subscribers, click on California’s New Carpet Recycling Law to view the video on YouTube.]

Natural Interiors‘ Nancy Kibbee spotlights several Ohio carpet retailers who are collecting carpet for recycling in their communities on the Natural Interiors blog.

Here’s a 2:54 video from SF Carpet Recycling in San Francisco. Unfortunately, this company is no longer in business, but the video is very informative, with excellent information about what people need to do to prepare carpet to be ready for pickup by recyclers.

[Subscribers, click on Intro to Carpet Recycling to view the video on YouTube.]

Here’s the 3:12 video from Kasey Kruse from Kruse Carpet Recycling of Indianapolis, Indiana. This was one of the first online videos about carpet recycling, and it’s a classic.

Kasey and her father Dick Kruse are very active with the Carpet America Recovery Effort,  the non-profit group committed to increasing carpet recycling in the U.S.

[Subscribers, click on Kruse Carpet Recycling Informational Video to view the video on YouTube.]

Exhibitors Carpet Service posted this video of their operations. It’s a mixture of video and still photography with some great imagery, but I didn’t always understand what the machines are doing. But, at only 1:42, it’s fun to watch.  And if you can fill me in on all the steps in the process, I’d love to hear from you.

[Subscribers, click on Exhibitors Carpet Service – Carpet Recycling Video to view the video on YouTube.]

Here’s a fascinating 2:43 interview on buildaroo.com with Tom Ellis, VP of Marketing for Tandus Flooring.  Tom talks about the various ways Tandus is recycling and the different products Tandus is using to provide recycled content for their flooring products. Click on Tandus Carpets: Recycling Waste Streams – buildaroo.com to view the video [which isn’t available to embed here].
And talk about your heavy-duty shredders, this :46 video of a carpet shredder at EcoWise Carpet Shredding and Recycling is worth watching just for the sound effects alone! It reminds me of the soundtrack for The Blob.

[Subscribers, click on Carpet Shredding for Carpet Recycling to view the video on YouTube.]

It’s great to see carpet recycling gain attention in social media.

If you have a video that deals with carpet recycling video, please send me a link. Everyone else – get rolling!