Carpet Question Corner #1: I’ve decided carpet is my best flooring option. Now what do I do?

Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial project, durability and style are the two things to consider.
How many people live in the house or work in the building? Where are the high-traffic areas? What style is the decor, and how will the carpet complement it? Are you looking for durability or comfort?

We recommend making a list of your priorities and then talking things over with your local carpet experts. For residential applications, if indoor shoes and indoor slippers are worn, a multi-tone (salt & pepper) style carpet will be recommended as it will help hide possible permanent stains and marks better vs. to a solid colour carpet. If outdoor shoes are worn, perhaps a commercial-grade carpet without a foam underpad or with a rubber underpad would be providing more durability.

Pet friendliness is also important. A carpet with loops, like berber carpets as they are considered “non-pet-friendly”. Pet owners should ideally consider Plush or Saxony carpets. High moister areas, such as basements should also not use natural fibre carpets. Natural fibers like wool, jute, and cotton are more prone to mold growth when they get wet.