Choosing carpet is an investment that will out-survive many of the decorating changes within your home, for years to come, and is still the floor covering of choice for the majority of consumers in North America. Your floor represents your “fifth wall” and as the largest uninterrupted block of colour and design, it represents an important decorating decision.

Top reasons why to buy carpet:

  • Unlimited Home Decorating Possibilities!

Dynamic developments in fibre construction and manufacturing means that carpet, today, offers a greater variety of choice in texture, colour, style, and price than any other type of floor covering.

  • Exceptional Pocketbook Value!

Carpet is one of the least costly elements of room décor and the least costly type of flooring. Carpet offers the maximum value as a decorating investment. Compare price per square foot.

  • Safety & Comfort Assured!

Carpet provides incomparable comfort. Soft on tiny feet, reduces leg and back fatigue, prevents slips, cushions falls and glass objects don’t shatter.

  • A Natural Insulator!

The physical properties of carpet make it an effective insulator against cold, which can reduce the cost of home heating and air conditioning, by increasing the R-value of the carpeted area.

  • Peace, Quiet & Privacy Enhanced!

Carpet absorbs and contains noise, muffles distracting clatter, and offers more privacy from room to room.

  • Indoor Air Quality Improved!

EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency) scientists have concluded that carpet can be beneficial in trapping and immobilizing potential allergy-causing particles, preventing them from re-entering the indoor air system, if the carpet is regularly cleaned and properly maintained.

  • Easy Care Durability!

Today’s advanced technology enables manufacturers to offer carpet suitable for virtually any residential or commercial setting, with optimum built-in wear, soil, and stain resistance.

Fashion, Value, Comfort, Warmth, Safety – it is easy to understand why carpet is still the first choice in home furnishing that out-sells all other types of floor covering.

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