Spring Cleaning: Cleaning Carpet for the New Season

I remember when I was growing up there was a commercial for a local garden store that declared, “It’s spring time!”

The recent rise in temperatures and the arrival of beautiful days here in the Carpet Capital have made me want to declare spring is here, and with it the annual practice, and necessity, of spring cleaning.

Everyone has a different ritual for spring cleaning. Some people like to focus on the outdoors with gardening and landscaping while others prefer to concentrate on tidying up inside their homes.

Here are some tips for your spring cleaning campaign:

Recommit to Vacuuming

Spring cleaning is a great time to recommit to vacuuming more frequently. Consistent vacuuming eliminates exposure to allergens and other airborne particles, which are more prevalent in the spring.

Remember, different areas will need to be vacuumed more often than others. CRI recommends:

High-traffic and pet-occupied areas: Daily
Medium-traffic areas: Two times per week
Light-traffic areas: Weekly

Call in the Professionals

A professional carpet cleaner (CRI recommends a Seal of Approval certified service provider) will restore the beauty of your carpet by removing dirt and stains you might not be able to otherwise remove. If you haven’t had a professional clean your carpet in a while, spring cleaning might be the perfect time to refresh your carpet with a deep cleaning. You can browse a list of SOA-certified cleaners in your neighborhood here.

Clean Your Door Mats and Area Rugs

Entrance mats are effective tools for defending your home against dirt. However, they need to be cleaned to maximize their effectiveness at trapping dirt and keeping it out of your home. Regularly shaking out the mat and vacuuming it will remove much of the dirt, but refer to the owner’s manual for advanced washing techniques.

Area rugs can spruce up any room, but their cleaning can be overlooked, similar to door mats. Be sure to regularly vacuum and have them cleaned. As with door mats, refer to the recommended cleaning techniques in the owner’s manual for best results. Many SOA-certified cleaners offer rug cleaning, either in your home or at their facilities. Make sure to ask.

Clean carpet is the base of a beautiful home and by following these spring cleaning tips you will be able to keep your carpet fresh and beautiful for the wonderful seasons to come.