Asbestos flooring tiles where used until late 80’s. Every house build or gone thru a restoration process before 80’s has a sort of asbestos material used somewhere. The manufacturing cost and process was easier comparing to the current technology and is more durable and were manufactured from “polyvinyl chloride polymers”. The easiest method is to identify them is there size. If your vinyl tiles are measuring 9 inches in square, it means you’re having 99% asbestos floor tiles and if you like to confirm the other 1% possibility, a lab test is required.

New vinyl composite tiles are manufactures 12 inches x 12 inches to separate them from the previous ones. Living in an environment with asbestos floor tiles does not mean that you are in a risk of asbestos exposure. The asbestos fibers are firmly embedded into the tiles and pose no risk unless the tiles are deliberately broken and asbestos fibers allowed contaminating the air. The danger comes when the tiles are removed, scraped from the floor and damaged somehow.

Once the fibres are airborne, it will become a serious health hazard. I am seeing at least a dozen places with asbestos floor tiles. I even have seen where some other contractor have removed them and bagged them for the client to dispose it. Really scary stuff. When they seen my walking immediately outside questing starts… I do suggest them immediately to contact an Environmental Contractor who is specialized in Asbestos removal. This is not a joke; hire an experienced contractor before doing anything. Some web sites are providing DIY methods to remove the tiles but this looks to be as a DIY method for someone whom does not have any idea and experience in scuba diving and willing to feed a great white shark in the middle of the ocean.

It is very important to ensure a safe working zone for myself, my technician, my client and for the surrounding area.